Our Pricings

Top Quality Photoshop® Services at a Reasonable Price

Through our manpower and Photoshop® expertise, we can easily process any job from a single image to tens of thousands of images.

Clipping path service pricing

With our professional term of Photoshop experts, we master use of the pen tool to remove the selected subject from the surrounding background to leave a sharp, crisp subject for you to use. We price images depending on its complexity. We charge 50 cents/image for simple images such as items of clothing and basic shapes with a clear distinguish between the subject and background with few gaps, $1.50/image for medium complex images such as furniture, animals and sports equipment, and $3.00/image for complex images such as vehicles and buildings.

Clipping path pricing example




Masking Service Pricing

Since masking services require more effort and preserve more detail, we charge a little more than for clipping path. We charge $1.50/image for medium-complexity images such as single-model portraits, and $3.00/image for high-complexity images such as group photos.

Masking pricing example



Our Service Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results of any job, just send the images back to us and will work and process them again until you are satisfied, at no additional cost. If we cannot get the images to your satisfaction, then we can give you a complete refund.

Clipping paths service includes

  •   Vector path using the Photoshop pen tool
  •   Creation of multiple paths for color
  •   correction and retouch
  •   Perfect for hard edged products shots
  •   Choice of transparent background, white or custom color
  •   Provide a custom image as background
  •   Choice of turnaround times

Masking service includes

  •   Flat rate pricing for any complexity
  •   Perfect for retaining fine details (e.g. hair or fur)
  •   Preferred method for people images
  •   Great for creating masks for color correction or retouch