Delivery instructions and Time frame

Delivery instructions: isolates objects from their background with our easy-to-use web based interface.

We return your images in the format you request. You can choose from jpeg, eps, ai,psd, tiff, png and gif.

For example if you have chosen to receive clipping path only, you will receive the same format you supplied, only with a clipping path.

Basically, the same format you have supplied will be returned back to you.

The only variation to this is if you have requested a transparent layer, in which case you will receive a .psd or layered .tif.

You can either log into your account and download your completed job in the job section or you can click on the download link in the job alert email or if you have an ftp account set up with us you can download your images from the completed job folder within your ftp.

Time frame:

Our maximum turnaround time is 168 hours. If you only have a few images to be clipped you can expect them to be returned to you within 2hrs hours.