Clipping Path Service

No matter how good an image is, there always seems to be a background, even if it’s the opaque, rectangular background around the subject that needs to be removed. This is where clipping paths come in.

What is a Clipping Path?

Clipping paths are what the pen tool in Photoshop® and InDesign® are for. They create a series of dots around photo element is essentially a vector path that defines what part of the image is visible and what is transparent. Clipping paths follow the same concept as the connect-the-dots pictures you did as a kid, except that it adds Bezier curves to the dot connectors.

Why Do I Need a Clipping Path?

Clipping paths are useful when you want to block out areas of an image and have text wrap around the remaining image. Clipping paths create sharp edges around the object which is ideal for product advertisements. We can also add a background of your choice to the image and retouch the image.

What can Photoshopclipping do for you?

Through clipping paths, Photoshop Clipping can isolate objects from their background for large advertising agencies, studios, photographers, and novice users and save precious time which you could use to improve your business. There is no way to get rid of that opaque rectangular white background, but we can hide it so you don’t have to look at it. We can also take any clipping path selection and export it to another program. This is useful if you want to take part of one image and insert it into another.

What you can get from us?

Clipping paths service includes

  •   Vector path using the Photoshop pen tool
  •   Creation of multiple paths for color
  •   correction and retouch
  •   Perfect for hard edged products shots
  •   Choice of transparent background, white or custom color
  •   Provide a custom image as background
  •   Choice of turnaround times

Add on services

  •   Drop shadows
  •   Reflections
  •   Spotting (removal of blemishes)